आपले स्वागत आहे माझ्या संकेत स्थळावर, इथे आपण महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोग बद्दल हवी ती माहिती शोधू शकता. आपण महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोग बद्दल कसे नोदणी करायचे आणि उपलब्ध जागे साठी आवेदन करायचे हे टप्या टप्याने इथे शिकू शकता. इथे आपण पूर्वी झालेले महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोग पोलीस उपनिरीक्षक, सह्हायक आणि इतर परीक्षांचे जुने पेपर पण वाचू शकता. आपणास जर काही माहिती लागत असेल तर तुम्ही comment मध्ये विचारू शकता. आम्हाला हे संकेत स्थळ अजून माहितीपुर्वक बनविण्य करिता आपल्या suggestions ची गरज आहे. धन्यवाद !



1. Maharashtra day: 1st may 1960.
2. Area: 3,07,713 C.K.M.
3. Capital: Mumbai
4. Total Panchayat: 351.
5. Total Talukas: 353.
6. Total Grammpanchat: 27,938.
7. Total Municipal Corporations: 22.
8. Total Nagar Parishad: 222.
9. Total Administrative Depart: 6.
10. Total Districts: 35.
11. 1st Chief Minister: Mr. Yashwantrao
12 Total Population: 9,67,52,247.
13 Men Population: 5,03,34,270.
14. Women population: 4, 64,17,977.
15. Men, women ratio: 1000:922.

Absorption of Drug

Hence, Absorption is the process in which drug enters from site of administration to systemic circulation. Absorption further classified on the basis of their mechanism.
1. Simple/Passive diffusion: In simple diffusion drug crosses the permeable/cell/mucous membrane through aqueous pores & lipid soluble drug directly dissolved in membrane. For the simple diffusion the particle size not more than 800 gm/mole (as per soil science society of America).
2. Active transport mechanism: In active transport drug crosses the cell membrane through carrier molecule, which present on membrane. For active transport energy is required. In active transport drug bind with carrier & cross the cell membrane.
3. Pinocytosis/phagocytosis: as you knows cell performs his own daily activity like food intake, etc. the mechanism which similar to food intake of cell known phagocytosis.
· Factors affects:
1. Physical state:
2. Particle size
3. Concentration
4. Absorbing surface
5. GIT
6. Ph


Why the sky is Blue?

A Person introduced to the world of his motherland and said
INDIAN has talented person then prove it “Indian known
Science” This person was Dr Chandrasekhar Venkat Raman.
They introduced a new branch of Physical science as
MEDIUM. They also study on vibration & musical instrument.
Some typical question in simple human mind that time likes,
“Why the sky is Blue?”
“Why the diamond Spark?”
“Why the sea is Blue?”
Now we have answer for this question, but 100 years ago,
The world has no idea about this. They think “when sky is
Blue, Their reflection in sea that’s why sea is blue.” but
Dr Raman thinks when water is colourless and then they study
Found answer the molecule of water reflects light rays it means
Scattering of light rays with the water molecule or particular
Substance gives colours. In this colours the tendency of blue
Colour is so high, that’s why the sea shows blue colour as well
As sky is blue & diamond sparks. This effect known RAMAN EFFECT.
So we will fill great as a INDIAN, we have thankful to great

Maharashtra Public Service Commission MPSC 2013 Important Books for preparation

1. Samanya Kshamata Chachani (General Knowledge)
Author - Dr. Aanand Patil, Publisher - Study Circle
2. RajyaSeva Purva Pariksha Planner (2013) Publisher - Study Circle
3. RajyaSeva Mukhya Pariksha Planner (2013) Publisher - Study Circle
4. Spardha Pariksha (Current Affairs) Publisher - Study Circle
5. Bhugol Sampurna Margadarshak Publisher - Study Circle
6. English Language Publisher - Study Circle
7. Civil Services Exam 2013 Publisher - Study Circle
8. Buddhi Mapan Chachani Publisher - Study Circle
9. Nibandha Pushpanjali Publisher - Study Circle
10. General Science Publisher - Study Circle
11. Dipstanbha Mulakhat Margadarshika Publisher - Study Circle
12. Pratiyogita Darpan (Hindi and English)
13. AD's MPSC Success Mantra the complete manual
14. Pradnya's MPSC Rajya Seva Purva Pariksha Planner
15. Compulsory English For MPSC (available at Flipkart)
16. MPSC Exam Prelims New Syllabus CSAT Pattern
17. CSAT/MPSC Mock Papers by Chandresh Agrawal
18. MPSC: Vyakran, Lekhan Va Aakalan
19. MPSC: Bharatiya Samvidhan, Rajkaran aani Kayda
20. MPSC PSI/STI (Marathi) by Sanjay Nathe

This books may help you to prepare best way for Maharashtra Public Service Commission 2013 Examinations. Wish you all the best and have great study.
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